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Dead souls who never made it passed Limbo. Most of the time, shades are warped into insidious, indescribable creatures and shapes that barely resemble their former selves. They can take on the roles of either benevolent or malignant spirits for the living in Tebel.

Some shades can even become what people call "poltergeists", but in reality they are all just different types of shades. Shades cannot directly kill the living, but they can terrorize them to the point of harming themselves.

Shades can generally be characterized by the
Mark of the Shade.

Shades are also sometimes the result of what happens when a Psychopomp kills a person who wasn't meant to die; other times they are just very furious spirits. There are several consequences to a shade's creation, which usually leads to the downfall of the Psychopomp, so these actions must be taken account accordingly. Many Psychopomp in the past went crazy because of the shades haunted and stalked them, and had to be destroyed by the Memitim. If a Psychopomp loses themselves to the shades they've created, then they must face the penalties afterwards, which have always been harsh.

Normally, shades take shape in the Psychopomp's shadow as spirits. In the early stages they are kept confined in their captor's shadow, where they are unable to escape. Over time, if they are somehow able to break free of their binds, then they become a serious hazard -- not only to the Psychopomp, but to everyone else as well. They are confined in a place known as Scheol. If they break free from Point Blank, they enter Scheol as spirits and are capable of taking over a human.

A shade can also be a vengeful spirit that holds a strong hatred for the Psychopomp that killed them as well, and refuses to move on. Instead, they stay behind, antagonizing the one they blame for taking them away. Once in the Dead Zone, shades can also provoke the living as well, even interact with them (i.e. One managed to throw Alexander out a window, nearly killing him), though they are always unseen by the living. Only some immortals and the Psychopomp can see them.

Shades are sometimes referred to as things such as evil spirits or grudges, mainly by those who don't fully understand their true nature.

Although rare, some shades can be returned to their old selves and become corporeal using the abilities of a Shedim (or, on extremely rare occasions, a Psychopomp), using a process called "ameliorating". These shades are called...

A shade brought back as an immortal through ameliorating. They are often at the mercy of the Shedim who ameliorated them, meaning that they can be reverted back into a shade or eliminated from existence at the whim of the Shedim who controls them. Revenants can retain their old personality and/or memories of their mortal lives, so long as the Shedim allows it. Psychopomps are also capable of ameliorating a shade into a Revenant, but at a high cost.

The Mark of the Revenant usually takes the shape of a green or blue snake ouroboros somewhere on their bodies.


Mutilated remains of the Psychopomps, who reside within the Dead Zone. They are normally thoughtless, incapable of the old emotions they once possessed as mortals, simply because they don't remember what it means to be human at all. They are more monstrous than the shades are, more threatening and dangerous. Some people of the mortal realm have taken to calling them "demons", or variations of the same malignant spirits capable of bringing death to the living, unlike the shades.

Shedim can generally be characterized by the
Mark of the Shedim.

However, some Shedim are able to recall their old selves. Some Shedim can even assume control over themselves, rather than giving in to the insanity, capable of summoning back their old bodies. Given the nature of the Shedim, they are able to interact with Tebel. But in order to become part of that reality again, they are able to make the choice to become a...

Some Shedim, though rare, can become a Visitant for a short while. This allows them to assume a mortal form, taking on the shape of a baby that grows and becomes something like-human. The reason all Shedim don't choose to become Visitants is because they are vulnerable, and are constantly in danger. They are weak, can be seen as mad for being able to catch glimpses of the Zones and hear the voices of the dead. They are vulnerable to mental and physical illnesses. A Visitant who once possessed a power as a mortal may not be able to control their gifts, which can be especially precarious as they are unaware of their old life. For this reason, a Shedim becoming a Visitant is considered taboo, as there are too many risks involved with a Visitant in Tebel.

The Mark of the Visitant usually takes the shape of a circular shaped ouroboros-esque birthmark somewhere on their bodies...

Also known as Psychos.

Like Revenants and Visitants, Psychopomps are also tattooed. Unlike the previous two, only gifted humans can see it on their own power. Otherwise, Psychopomps can hide this symbol from most humans. It is called the Mark of the Whippoorwill, and it usually manifests in a split mark from the lower lip to the chin.

Psychopomps do not use weapons, neither do they need to. They are armed only with bone scythes, which they use primarily on shades and Shedim, as well as human souls. The bone scythes manifest from the Psychopomp's body, ripping out from their spine for its user to take hold of. Seeing that bone scythes materialize out of the physical manifestation of the Psychopomp's form, it is not possible for anyone other than the Psychopomp to utilize it as a weapon. It especially cannot be used against the living, as the blade will only cut through a mortal body without harming it.

It is not known entirely as to where they came from, or why it is they are what they are. Not even the Memitim, who are partially responsible for the existence of the Psychopomps, fully understand their nature. They are seemingly manifested souls from a tree in a place called Limbo.

The responsibility of carrying out the dead is tasking and stressful; a chore that not even the Memitim were capable of carrying out. Thus, they designed the Psychopomps. As such, they are able to exist between the world of the living, and the Zones.

What the Memitim had in mind, was the idea that to truly be able to handle being death, you had to have died yourself, and experience the same amount of pain the souls you carry do. Because of this the Psychopomps carry out a heavy burden, although come off as aloof and cold.

Not only are they technically indomitable and never-changing, but they express certain feats to an extent, such as phasing and telepathy. Normally, they're also empaths, and being spirits they can make themselves seen by the living whenever they want to. Unfortunately, they have a more difficult time avoiding the dead than the living.

Gradually as a Psychopomp grows weaker, they begin to be unable to express these feats, and slowly become insane. This is where the problem they are most concerned about:

The Psychopomps not only carry out the souls of the dead, but they also must handle vengeful ones as well. Some of these are commonly known as shades and shedim. When they reach a certain state of weakness, the shedim become able to control and influence the Psychopomps, even being able to possess them towards the end. And this is why the Memitim worry so much. If they cannot control the Psychopomps, and they commit damages on their own part, then they risk disturbing a balance. They do not know the outcome of what would happen should a Psychopomps lose control of themselves to the dead, since most of the predecessors had been terminated before this ever happened.

Currently, the last of the Psychopomps would be Ravine, Babajide, Mute, and (unknowingly) Maia...

A servant of the entity known as the Aegror. As human, they become plagued by the Wight, first coming to them in the form of reoccurring nightmares in which the spirit kills the dreamer. On their deathbed or until the day they die, that human merges with the Wight, their souls becoming one.

While Psychopomps bear a bone scythe, the Wight wields a sickle, and are not bound by the laws that hold the Psychopomps back from interfering with the living. The Wight is shameless and cruel when reaping souls, either consuming and devouring them or turning them into shades, even possessing similar abilities in reality manipulation among the Zones like the Psychopomps are capable of. This is why the reapers are often combating the Wight.

The only current known Wight to exist is Grayson Ambrosi, who has held his role for over 830 years.

The Memitim is the entity of Limbo, who resides within the gateways to both where souls go as well as the multiverse. They are responsible for the creation of the Psychopomps.

The Libra is a withering, unknown entity that oversees the balance of the Zones. With every action there is reaction. With every choice, there is consequence. It is the Libra who oversees this.

The Abaddon is the entity of the Dead Zone and Scheol, and is ultimately responsible for the amelioration of Revenants and Visitants, making sure that debts are paid for the price of bringing a dead thing back to the corporeal zone. This entity thrives off of destruction and conflict.

The Aegror is an entity that might have been behind the Dead Cell plagues that nearly wiped out the human population, as well as the cause of the time reset to zero (figuratively, not literally). It is an insidious entity that infects dead souls and, on rare occasions, the living. This entity is also capable of feeding off the other entities, as well as Psychopomps. Its only ally is the Wight.

Entities do not have faces or shapes, only genderless voices that speak within the Zones they assume control over.


Tebel: Living World
Supposedly the first zone, but they don't have any specific numbering or anything like that. This zone holds the world of the living. It's pretty much a reflection of our world.

While in the Tebel, a Psychopomp can appear almost human in appearance. Outside of the living realm, however, the Psychopomp tends to take on a new form. They are a black entity with glowing gold eyes, and long shadowy hair that stretches out, almost like dark wings.

Point Blank: Spectral World
The zone where a soul goes after they die. Think of it as Limbo, or a waiting room you're not supposed to walk out of.

If a Psychopomp cannot open the door to the next life, they are alone to wander here, until they deteriorate and are eventually ripped into Scheol. It's the the Psychopomp's responsibility to make sure that the dead are properly escorted from Point Blank to Limbo.

Scheol: Dark World
The shades reside in this zone. Insidious souls turned into monstrous forms. Only Psychopomps can open and close the rips in Scheol, occasionally caused by shades trying to escape. Shades in Scheol are capable of channeling negative energy into the realm of Tebel, afflicting the living.

Limbo: After World
All souls pass through here, where the Psychopomps guide them to meet Memitim -- death. From there, they move on to the next life.

Limbo is also the crossroads between worlds, where it's possible to find other places where life continues on. The Memitim, however, prevents this from happening.

The Dead Zone: Another World
Not much is known about this place, except that it's an abyss. It's unknown whether something lives here or if those that fall through the Dead Zone simply cease to be. In truth, the Shedim -- what is left of a Psychopomp who has gone mad -- resides in the Dead Zone.

There is no such thing as gravity in the Dead Zone, as it's just a weightless space that goes on and on. It's an empty plane, distorted and sphere-like. The the Psychopomp is able to travel through the physical world by passing through the Dead Zone, but in doing so they are also in danger of being hunted by the Shedim.

The Door
Not really a Zone. It's the only way a Psychopomp can pass through Limbo without causing the worlds to collapse. Unfortunately for them, there are fewer Doors than there used to be, and the threat of Psychopomps turning into Shedim become more real..

A warp is a phenomena that inhabits a spot where reality is distorted, often due to a weakening in the Zones. It's possible that warps are created as a byproduct of the Door's movement throughout the worlds.

One example of a warp is the forbidden Hedge Maze on the Wolfgang family estate.


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