Mar. 5th, 2015

whip_poor_will: (so glad to see you well)
Days be Done

Days be done, away the sun
From the desert streets and sky
In the end, bones will rest
Allow the restless souls to lie
Dusken days lies in sight
Heaven’s full, dead birds in flight
Dying earth, await the end
Here comes the night
Days are dulled, as the crows are culled
How the belly of that beast did churn
His skin will flay, and soon turn gray
Unable to escape the Return
The day is done, to sleep everyone
You’re tired now, so far we’ve come
Bleeding sons, just shut your eyes
Take no heed to the lyrebird’s lies
Dead days bring, the sparrow sings
While perched above the suffering
Dying brood, unrest and unruly
Has cracked the veil so cruelly
Days be dead, the blackbird said
His word sends the ghosts to bed
In the end, his love forgotten
Her Revenant skin is rotten
Our time is done, goodbye white sun
Last whippoorwill across that sky
Do not fret, the dead will rest
And those who live may never die
Days are gone by the dead bird’s dawn
The world will stop but spin once slain
Beyond the pale is the shadow’s thin veil
Where the dead no longer feel pain
And the dead will meet again
All will meet again


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